email me for complete quote/invoice.
confused?? Read here about ordering.

I recommend these great places for your mag needs! This list will grow as I talk to more dealers.
This guy isn't exclusively a magazine dealer, he is a tactical wizard--Echo93 great products and a great guy!
Bad-Element Co. Conversion Services

Extended (Extendos) Magazines

Extended magazines

I can now weld magazines together and offer 3 conversion types:

The extended window mag $150

The Extended road warrior $200

The extended gauge mag $200

Inventory is limited right now and pre orders are how I have been selling these
 but now I am accepting conversion orders. (note: the one here and in the youtube video is the slab side variant and is $300 including parts when avail).

Ban-state/restricted work around. Almost any mag type.

(Some mags can take wire or block limiters and the floor plate is secured with epoxy or a rivet as an alternative to the spine rivet especially with US made replacement parts for rare collectors items).

Join the growing group of magazine enthusiast who subscribe to the MaM! 

Mag a month explained Me (Nick) and drew aka Viper

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Custom orders welcome!

Shoot email to discuss your custom mag idea and pricing

1 round keychain bottle opener mag

Made from damaged mags, and even function. these little wonders pop the tops right off your favorite ice cold beverage! A common practice among soldiers. email for availability;  add $20 for engravings.                                                                                  
 $30 each

Cut down mags (shortened, rivet for compliance no extra cost)

Steel, Polymer, plum, Bakelite $25 each.
Great for vehicle or prone shooting AR/AK
20, 10 and 15 round "Tanker" or "Paratrooper" clones. 
Convert existing 30 round mags-functional and solid!

Analog Gauge mag,
round counter magazine. A novelty mag that is functional but maily for fun/sake of being AK art. For the collector that has everything but wants something more or a fun mag that shows their love of all things Kalash!
Khyber Pass and Russian styles as well as custom.
69.99 for most types.

                 Shirts! $20 each, check for availability and info on ordering from the next group buy.

                                                Window cut out mags. several styles
Afghan/Khyber Pass style BFPU
Conversion: $25 each, discount on multiples.


10/75 drum conversion: 10 round drum originally 75rds blocked via rivet/jig.
 Back loading and top loading Drums 
$30 each

10/75 back loading
Romanian "Romy" Drum mag

Feel free to email me any questions concerning custom magazine modifications!

see below for pics and conversion definitions, email 
email me for est. shipping prices or any questions! Many other types available. site under construction 
// Rivet block mags //- rivet in the spine of  any military style magazine such as AR15 and AK47 to block or limit the capacity "10/30" mags are 30 round magazines limited to 10 or other amount. pop rivets are 1/8 -the size of a AK mag drain hole. meets legal capacity compliance laws in all 50 states.

// Cut-Downs // - Magazines whose bodies are shortened to lower capacities. This method is great for AR and AK mags in vehicle or for prone shooting. It also can simulate rare magazines like Soviet experimental 20 round Bakelite mags and steel Hungarian paratrooper/Tanker mags. I have converted steel, polymer, and Bakelite cut-down mags! Yugoslavian bolt hold open cut downs are great! 

// 10-75 drum conversion //- Top loading and rear loading drum mags limited to 10 rounds! Get the drums you want!

// m14 to m77 mag conversion //- Transform USGI and Gov M14 mags into .308 AK Pap M77 mags- replace that factory toy/joke mag and enjoy your rifle.   

// Polish blank mags //- 10 round military mags designed to hold blanks, these mags can be converted to live ammo and look and feel amazing!

// MPI-69 mags // - these German AK .22 cal mags can be converted to hold 10 .22 rounds

// many others, and more to come// 

Tired of artificial high prices? Beat the street prices and order from forums, firearm web sites and bulk distributors. Arm yourself, hit the range and be prepared.

these pics are work I've done for customers on forums like The AK Files, Cal Guns and


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