Mag A Month (MAM)

New! Mag a Month subscription, monthly

Join the growing group of magazine enthusiast who subscribe to the MaM! 

MaM is for collectors and enthusiasts.

Each month a new design is attempted and delivered. I wanted to do something creative and with the help of a friend we cam up with the idea of a new mag every month that was bot an AK magazine and a piece of art. Each mag of the month is inspired from the AK world and Culture.

MAM- $69.99 shipped, pay per month. Just email me to sign up for 1 month or more!
You sign up and they ship out same month like a magazine subscription.

You can now order prior mam mags in custom orders.

here are some examples of the mam, but be sure to check out my Instagram page to follow the latest releases!

Oct "Triple shot soviet parlor mag"
Polished beer/soda bottle top opener fridge magnet with soviet insignia
and personalized engraving

November: Tact-i-cool Bakelite gauge mag with glow in dark filled
indicator/round count marks. Features grip tape surfaces on the front and back.

December: Bad-Operator, coyote tan tanker with Velcro pad and glowing bear patch!

January:    "Road Warrior" caged window mag AK

                "NPZ style glowing gauge mag" AK74

"Afghan Capture" experimental AR type ( discontinued AR mam for now)