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Confused on ordering and using my services no problem send me an email. See this example of a typical sale:


Subject: mags

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Hello ,
    I saw your website and wanted to know about getting some custom mags, but I live in California, a banstate with magazine capacity restrictions. Can you tell me how I can get 10 AK mags behind the rainbow curtain? Thx!

Subject: RE: Mags

( Me- Nick@BadElementCo: )

    Glad you contacted me, ordering is easy. First find a website that offers AK mags and order them to my business address it is: XXXXX.  Most sites will ship to me in Utah even though you have a billing address in a ban/restricted state. I will rivet the mags on the spine for 10 rounds. I will send you an invoice once you know what you are ordering. If you have questions about pricing or anything let me know.
Cheers! Nick

Subject: RE: Mags


thanks for getting back with me. I found a website and now there are 10 AK mags on their way for 10/30 conversion. Thanks a ton!  -Joe

Subject: RE: Mags

( Me- Nick@BadElementCo: )

    Sounds good sir, I will let you know when the mags arrive. Let me know if you are interested in any other services I offer. I expect yor order to be ready in 1-4 weeks.   Thx for your biz!                                
Cheers! Nick

--- ^ this is just  an example of a basic order, I offer all kinds of custom services so feel free to contact me about anything! See my Products page for more work examples here


Need mags? What mags that companies cannot/won't ship to your state? What mags custom fit to your needs?
Bad-Element Co. is here to help. I make customized magazines to your order. 

 I am Bad-Element. I'm a former USAF aircraft mechanic, an artist and a one man magazine customization operation that shares your passion for guns and shooting! I treat my customers like I was the customer and a potential friend. I have been serving our brothers "behind enemy lines" by getting mags in their hands. Restrictive laws from Ban-States (add the feds) need to be struck down and as unconstitutional and every time an oppressive leader or group passes more restrictions we will find a way to foil their plans. Shooting is a hobby of mine but I also believe in the words "evil prevails when good men do nothing" - and we all need the skills and training fight if necessary .  I believe that it is up to our generation to keep the 2nd Amendment and gun freedoms alive and stronger!  The firearms community begins with you! 

The process is easy and my service is just what you've been looking for:

1) Find the mags you want and need and send them to me. 
2) I will alter or limit the mags to your specification. 
3) I'll forward the converted mags to you in your state. Get what you want now! 

Some of the custom mag conversions I offer: Products/Services

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